Difficulty: Easy

Introduced in Joomla! 3.7, custom fields allows you to expand the amount of content your Joomla! articles provide.  While they might seem intimidating at first, they actually easy to learn and extremely powerful!  In this tutorial, we will use custom fields to create a events page for our Joomla! site.

Table of Contents:

What are Custom Fields?

Custom fields allow you to enhance the functionality of your articles in Joomla!. With custom fields you can add different options for your content providers to add to different articles.  You can sort them by specific categories so they only appear when a category is selected.  You can find Fields under the content menu and if you want to learn more about custom fields, check out this Joomla! docs article: https://docs.joomla.org/J3.x:Adding_custom_fields

fields section in administrator menu

Creating Field Groups

To keep everything in order, we will want to create groups for our event fields called event.  This will create a new tab in the our articles when we go to create articles in our event category. 

creating new field group

Creating Custom Fields

Now we get to the fun part, creating our fields.  For our events we will want to have fields related to date/time and the organizer.  The date/time field is based on the calendar type and has the time option enabled.  The organizer field uses the user type which will allow you to pick a user from Joomla!. 

date & time field

creating event organizer field






Using Custom Fields in a Article

We have our custom field group and our custom fields, now let's start using them.  Since we assigned everything to the Event category we need to make sure that it is selected.  Once selected Joomla! will load a new tab called Events.  Going to the tab will give us the option to pick our event date and organizer. 

new articleevents tab








Finished Product

Once we have everything finalized and saved our Ice Cream Social page will have the custom fields below the article details.  This is the location Joomla! puts it by default, and you can change it things like the date and location, but that is outside the scope of this introduction tutorial.   

finished article


Custom fields are a power tool in Joomla!  As we learned, it can improve article creation and make it more streamline.  Avoiding the need to remember to add it in the body of the article.  The possibilities with custom fields are endless!