Difficulty: Easy

Installing Koken is extremely easy.  The only file you download is a index.php file which walks you through the setup.  The rest of the files are downloaded during the setup.  In this tutorial we will go over the installation process.

Table of Contents:

The requirements for Koken are:

  • PHP 5.3+
  • MySQL 5+
  • ImageMagick, Imagick, GraphicsMagick, or GD

Optionally, you can have FFmpeg installed for video thumbnails. 

To get Koken, just visit http://help.koken.me/customer/portal/articles/632102-installation from there you can get a zip file which contains a directory called koken and the index.php file.  You will want to place the index.php file in the root of your web directory and your MySQL database is created.  Once that is done, visit the URL to see the following:

Server Check:

This is Koken checking the server to ensure it is running the minimum qualifications.  If all goes well, you will get a success screen.

 check finishedChecking Server


Once the check is over, we get into the actual setup process.  In the next three steps, you will create a user, enter in the database information, and set the timezone.

Setting up the User:

To set up the user all you need is a first and last name followed by an email address and password.

user setup

Entering in the Database Information:

Setting up the database is also straightforward.  Just need to enter in the hostname (normally localhost) followed by the database information you created for Koken.  Furthermore, you can change the table prefix under additional options.  The default prefix is koken_, I would recommend changing it to something else for security practices.

database setup

Setting up the Timezone:

Finally, we set the timezone. 


This step is completely optional, but it allows Koken to send you newsletters regarding the platform.



 Installing Koken

Now we come to the part where Koken downloads the rest of the files it needs and installs data to the database. 

SetupKoken installing



With all that done we have come to the end of this tutorial.  Now you can start playing around with Koken!