Difficulty: Easy

WordPress has grown to become one of the most popular CMS' around.  Taking up over 30% of the web!  In this tutorial I will show you what WordPress calls the 5-minute installation!

Table of Contents:

System Requirements

  • PHP 7.2+ (PHP 5.2+ will work as well)
  • MySQL 5.6+ or MariaDB 10.0+ (MySQL 5.0+ will work as well)
  • Nginx or Apache

To download the latest version of WordPress, visits https://wordpress.org/download/ if you need another version of WordPress check out https://wordpress.org/download/releases/

After creating your database and uploading the uncompressed WordPress files to your root directory, we are ready to install WordPress!

Select the language

WordPress comes equipped with a bunch of different languages to get you started.  Choose the one that you want and click continue.

step 1 language selection


A quick overview

Before stating the actual install process, the installer will go over what you need in terms of database setup.  You should have your database already setup prior to this, so you can click "Let's go!" to continue.

2 intro

Database Information

In this section you will enter in all your database information.  Pro tip, choose a prefix other than wp_.  This will help with security on your WordPress site.  After all that information is added you will be taken to the installer screen.

3 database information4 installer









User information

After the installation process you will create your first user.  The installer is generous enough to provide you with a generated password, but you can always change it to another password if you would like. 

5 user information

All done!

Congratulations!  You just installed your WordPress site!  Now you can get ready to start building out your site!

6 finished